Loose Gemstones

Gemstones Loose Inc specializes in high Gemstones Loose Incquality loose gemstones, jewelry and rough. In particular; Zambian emeralds, Arizona peridot, Colombian emeralds, Amethyst, Tanzanite, Mexican fire agate, Mexican fire opal, Arizona fire agate, Zambian citrine, Nigerian tourmaline, Nigerian zircon, Nigerian spessartite garnet, and Arizona gem silica. We have developed global partnerships with miners and rough dealers over the past 8 years to bring you the finest quality loose gemstones and rough at extremely competitive prices. We believe strongly in ethical mining and only work with wholesalers, rough dealers, miners, and gem cutters that practice fair trade gem protocols.

Our current focus is a partnership with one of the largest Arizona peridot mines currently in operation. We are in the production phase of this partnership with the mine owner and have a lot of very high quality rough material coming in on a regular basis. Much of the peridot rough will be sold to wholesale companies, custom gem cutters, and we will be also cut some of the material ourselves for retail sale as loose gemstones. We have a sole distribution agreement for the high quality peridot rough but also can supply any lower grade quality or size you are looking for.

Emeralds, Peridot and Other Fine Gemstones